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This is the place for the actual nerds. No PFC can work without proper software.
All sftware issues related to the
* Raspberry Pi
* Arduino
* Desktop PC
Should be covered here. Both back-end software as user interfaces.


Ask questions and share tips and answers to help your fellow Agrinauts.


The basics of a Personal Food Computer (PFC) is the hardware. Here we want to gather information on best practices on how to build the PFC.
* What components do you use?
* What are your thermodynamic needs or issues.
* Cooling or heating ?


A forum space to collect the OpenAg community’s insights, materials, and recommendations for introducing Food Computers into the education context - for students and adults, in-school and after-school, in libraries, community centers, museums - and inspire and empower the high-tech farmers of the future.


Use this category for all topics related to the electronic components of the Personal Food Computer (PFC)
Think of:
* Arduino and Arduino Mega electronic schemes
* Led lighting
* sensors
* etc


The Growing Kit category covers items like:
- Ph regulators
- Nutritions
- Substrates
Post your questions or suggestions !


Recipes are the end-goal of this forum !
Here we would like to find all information on generic recipes or specific recipes for one type of vegetable. Let us know what your best practices are and contribute to the discussions !

Culinary & Cuisine

This category is a place to have culinary-related conversations about Food Computers. If you want to grow things for a restaurant, contribute as a cook or chef, or share how you're using FCs in the kitchen, this is the place for you!