16 years old kid from Czech Republic is trying to build Food Computer


I was reading about smart gardening for about a month and yesterday i found out about the food computer.
So my new goal is to build a Food computer 1.1 but i have 1 big problem i dont have the money for it.What a suprise right?
Couse of that i decided that i wanna buld some smaler indoor farm using aeroponics and with selling the food that will grow i will slowly build up the money pool to afford the food computer.
But why am i here ?
I am looking for some advice.
I dont know how should i start.I wanna build it in our family garage.I kow how aeroponics work but i am not sure how to set up the lighting and the temprature.And i am not sure which
components should i use and if i should keep the pump on 24/7 or keep the light on 24/7
I am gonna put some smaller computer and conect it threw wifi to my PC so yeah i wanna make it automatic :slight_smile:
This my sound like a small boys dream, but dreams comes threw right ?
Sorry for my bad english


Hi Asi and welcome!

I’m not yet a true expert, but I’m happy to help. First of all I would suggest to think about the size and type of your system. As you said, you are thinking about Aeroponics. I would suggest to start with a cheap and simple setup and add components step by step and expand it over time.

Check out the following videos as inspiration of different types of aero systems.
Big Tower
Aero Tree (more compact)

Simple Bucket (very cheap to build)
Another bucket system (although it’s hydroponic)

Tower & Bucket
Guy shows his system (very good video)


Hey there Asi! I got into hydroponics while still in college and I had the same problem, that everywhere I looked parts seemed to be so expensive. I knew this was a great idea and would work, I just didn’t know how to get there.

Here’s how I did it: I

I used plastic coffee containers and scissors to make little reservoirs.
Then you just need an aquarium pump to give oxygen to your roots so they don’t drown.

I can send you a list of links to all of the materials I used for my build, I also wrote instructions, the end price was $154. It does not have all the automation components that these food computers do, but you can start to play with PH, nutrients, and other variables until you can fund other projects.

Here is a link to a video on the very basics of how I got started (the video channel on YouTube is very informative too).

I hope some of that helps!
Peter Webb.


Thx alot
Can you please send me the links and tthe instructions also please ?


Ahoj Asi,

podařilo se ti rozvinout myšlenku Food Computeru v Česku? Pokud jsi něco vytvořil, rád bych to viděl a zeptal se na tipy. Popř. můžeme zkusit v budoucnu spolupracovat.


Hi Asi!

There is a popular post in the forums for a $300 food computer which would be a great resource for you. $300 Food Computer

It’s also possible to get your own food computer made for even less. You can probably do a simple setup for under $100 USD. If I were you I would do low pressure aeroponics as it is much less expensive and finicky than high pressure. You don’t need to have the pump or lights on 24/7, most plants need time without light, and it is good to let the roots dry a bit and take in oxygen from time to time. Turning these on and off is a great job for the wonderful $35 Raspberry Pi computer, do some research into how you can control relays with the Raspberry Pi! Heres a vid to get you started:

You should also try learning the Python programming language, it is quite easy to learn and personally my all time favorite programming language. There are many free resources for it online. Python and the Raspberry Pi go hand in hand and if you take the time to truly learn what you can do with them then you will be able to program in any new sensor or part that you want your garden to have when you are able to buy new things for it!

EDIT: lol didn’t realize this post was over a year old! Still applies :slight_smile: