$300 Food Computer - MVP


After recognizing this affordable unit “MVP”, now I completed my MVP-I and start the 1st experiment on lettuce.
While I enjoy to observe it, I’d like to know what kinds of recipe exist now. Where can I find them?
By the way I notice the temp/humidity control is difficult for this unit. Is it essential for other plants?


Having an enclosed box gives some control over temperature and humidity (compared to just sitting on a table),but the box gently ‘nudges’ the environment rather than giving tight control.
Temperature and humidity are more reported than controlled. The exhaust fan limits how hot the box gets, but you cannot lower the temperature below the ambient room temperature. How much you can warm it us is dependent on the amount of heat your lights generate.
The MVP can grow about anything. How much temperature and humidity (and CO2) control you need is more dependent on the types of experiments you want to conduct than the demands of the plants.
It is interesting to note that the Space Station (which we are somewhat trying to pattern) does not have a sealed growth chamber. Their temperature and CO2 are the same as the general environment.