$300 Food Computer - MVP


Yes. You can make changes there, then run the Cron.sh script to load it; this is easier than editing cron directly from the command line).


So I edited my light schedule in the MVP_cron.txt file to have the lights start withing the next thirty minutes so I could witness them turn on, but they did not go on. I kept playing with the times just in case I had the wiring in the relay set to the off on startup position even though I was pretty sure I had it correct. I rebooted the pi every time I made changes to the schedule. Eventually I was tired of playing with the txt file and set the time to what I ultimately wanted it to be, 5 am to 11 pm, and went to bed. Sure enough the light came on at 5 am. Is there some kind of lead up time or does a set light schedule only work the next day? Everything seems to be running smoothly now.


Editing MVP_cron.txt, by itself, doesn’t do anything. The file has to be transferred over into the system application cron by running /home/pi/MVP/python/Cron.py; this application actually changes cron. There should be no need to reboot, and the changes should take effect immediately.
Sorry for the confusion.


The time stamp on my humidity measurements appears to be 4 hours in the future. The temperature measurement time stamps are correct. Is there a way to correct this? I have the correct time zone on the pi.


The timestamp is set to Greenwich time (for consistency across MVPs), rather than local time. Not sure how the temperature is local time


Has anyone had any luck using there phone to view the data on the mvp? I do not have a static ip at home?


It can be done, but takes a bit of work. I have several MVPs set up to do this.
You have to set up a ddns (dynamic DNS) service to handle the ip issue; many routers have this built in to their software. Then you have to do a port forwarding to make the server port accessible from outside your network. It is best to also reserve the internal ip address of your MVP so your router does not re-assign it at some time in the future. There are more details here:


Is there a way to export or at least copy the temp and humidity data to a spreadsheet?


You can export data, but it is a bit of work. Take a look at these two tools: