3D Printing Parts of PFC 2?


Hello everyone,
I am a student working with a group of peers to try to build the Personal Food Computer 2 for educational purposes at our school. We are currently in the process of going through materials in the BOM, but once I saw that there were 3D models of a lot of the parts, we were wondering if we could save costs by 3D printing some parts? I personally don’t have the skill set (or time as we are on a deadline) to go through each individual model, and see if it can be 3D printed, so I was wondering if anyone has tried to 3D print any of the parts, or knows of any parts that can be 3D printed for cost saving. If not, then not a problem, we shall just spend some more on getting the project done before the deadline.
Thanks for all your support / input,


did you accomplish in making 3D printed parts?