4-H Project Build


I wanted to share that 4-H Club in Georgetown, Texas has approved the creation of the OpenAg Food Computer project for this coming school year. I have volunteered to lead some Senior 4-H’s (ages 15-18) in building and experimenting with a Food Computer this year. We start our project on September 4, 2017.

After this year’s build and experimenting. The Seniors will present what they have learned to the 4-H Club and to the Williamson County Master Gardener’s Association. They then intend to donate to the Food Computer to the Williamson County Junior Master Gardeners (ages 7-14) for use and education in their programs and in cooperation with 4-H.

We will let you know how it goes.



@paulcrown that’s amazing! Please introduce some of the students to the forum. We’d love to see their ongoing progress with the build. Thanks for keeping us posted!


Hi Paul, I am working on a similar project with middle and high schoolers, would love to know how this went for you!