A few questions about PFC 2.0


Hi All,

I’m hoping to start building a PFC 2.0 early next, I’m currently trying to source all the materials in the UK and I have a few questions.

  1. I can source all the screws and standoffs at close to the required metric lengths, give or take, all these use the ISO 262 standard M3 thread depth. Is there a reason for using different thread depths (6-32, 2-56 etc.) in the BOM?
  2. For some reason Rubber Stoppers are stupidly expensive over here, £4-6 each, times by 6 and that’s a crazy amount to layout if I don’t have to. I assume you only use these stoppers to prevent evaporation of the nutrient solutions, so will drilling 2 5mm holes in the cap be sufficient until I find a cheaper source for stoppers.
  3. I realise the PFC 2.0 is in alpha, but is the BOM likely to change much from its current form?