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I uploaded a wiring diagram if you are building the prototype board by hand. The view is from the underside of the board.


Sorry about this probably silly question, but is there somewhere an explanation of the functionality of all the hardware ? I don’t fully understand what some gear is for. Let me give you some examples:

  1. what does the water pump do, and why.
  2. same question for the air pump.
  3. I notice there are 3 fans in the system ( 1 as part of the heater and 2 additonal ones). What airflow is intended to take place (and why)
  4. why is the web cam mounted in the top ? Wouldn’t it be better to place it horizontally so that you can actually see how tall the plants have grown ?

An flow chart for the actual processes inside the food computer (not just the electronics) would be very helpful (for me that is…). Is that information available somewhere. I might not have looked in the right place…
Appriciate all the help.

  1. Water pump circulates the water and nutrients in the water
  2. Air pump allows for additional oxygen to enter into the water/nutrient mix.
  3. Fresh air intake, Heater intakes from inside the chamber, and the fan on the inside circulates the air.
  4. Webcam is mounted on top, it takes time lapse photos. That is all the functionality I see from it right now in the design.


Thanks Josh, that clarifies a lot !
Will the nutricians go through the humidifier as well ? It looks as if the humidifier is part of the air control unit and not part of the nutrician of the plants. In my opinion the the nutricians would be sprayed (mist) onto the roots. Am I wrong ?



The humidifier just has water in it that mists into the grow chamber to raise the humidity level. It is not tied into the actual grow tub. It does have its own AC power switch to turn on and off the humidity production.