AC seperation to four relay activation? Wiring question


Hello all,

I am trying to understand the wiring process for the AC module. There is something that doesn’t make sense.

I followed the AC connection guide, but I can see that the ‘hot’ connections are connected together, so if I am activating relay 1 and 2 is off, both 1 and 2 are on since there is a connection.

Is there a mistake I am making? I attached a picture on how it looks like in my system.

Thank you


@boanosa I had this issue ;-). You need to break this bridge (the one that you point out in the second picture) that connects both sockets. With that, each socket will operate independendtly.


For safety reasons (trust me, on this part I know what I am talking about) I would suggest to use ferrules in order to avoid short-circuitry (fire !) or harming yourself or others. The AC side of the relay module is high voltage (well… potential deadly anyway), so take all precautions where possible !


@Peperoni could you send a picture of your AC sockets installation using the ferrules?


@pauanta: Mind that here in NL and DE we use schuko outlets (BE and FR have similar outlets)… These are build into an aluminium profile so it is difficult to show it to you…but here you have an image. (do not look at the typo :-/ ) I appreciate that the screw terminals are sometimes difficult to use with the standard ferrules. You could also use the ones that I show underneath > The problem with loose stranded wires is that, over time they tend to become loose. 1 strand that makes a semi-short cut ( with a short-circuit-current just below the breaker capacity) is one of the main causes of domestic fire as they heat up big time and the safety breaker does not react…


Thank you

Breaking the bridge solved the problem!