Actual Cost Of Building A PFC


It seems very hard to get an $$ on how much it actually cost to build an PFC… also does anyone have price on what kind of electricity draw is on the PFC?


The BOM file listing almost all the components (I think chiller and custom circuit board not included) sources and breaks down the cost in intimate detail. Cost is just shy of $3K USD.


I’ve got a majority of the parts now for around $1600 and I’ve had some mess-ups.


@MonkeyMan_TV what components did you skip for it to be at such a reduced price?

Are you building PFC 1 or 2?




I might be able to help! If you’re looking to build an FC v1.0 (the old documentation and images that have circulated for a while as opposed to the version released in November), I ended up actually making a spreadsheet of the costs I’ve accumulated. Checking back on it now, I spent almost $2,000 exactly on everything. This includes a second raspberry pi (the 3 didn’t work at the time), as well as a soldering iron, holesaw and replacement pump+SD card. Since I’m in the U.S. I bought as much of my equipment as possible through Amazon (luckily I have prime) and the online stores mentioned in the original BOM (including some of the bolts, since Home Depot doesn’t stock them), then got the rest at home depot, and was all set. I already had tools accumulated from family and friends (circular saw, drills, bits, screwdrivers, ect.), so I fortunately didn’t need to spend anything for those.


Hello @JamesO and have you also build a PFC 2? I am seeing that the cost for this one is much higher as it is around 3000 USD.


Unfortunatley not, but I’m working to use the new software on the old hardware- the new software is much more modular, so it can accommodate whatever sensors and configuration is built so long as you are prepared to hack it. It’ll take some effort but it will get done!


Very informative, thank you very much!


@al_payi I am building the PFC 1. I skipped most of the smaller tools and I had extra extension cords around the house to cut up for wires. I also got parts when they were on sale on Amazon. I also have a fish tank so I had extra water pump etc… laying around. Basically whatever I could find in my house to use I used.