ACTUAL costs of computer from experience


Hi all
meeting next week with my chums and we are all going to chip in to build farm computer from scratch using the build. NOW we don’t use Amazon that much and can’t seem to find where the OpenAg guys have hidden the BOM on Amazon so we could just click the button and buy it. Could someone tell me where the kit is listed on Amazon and so we can order it? We can’t believe that in the 21st century we still have to use a shopping list :slight_smile: Trust us we would get it wrong and so would Amazon. ALSO if someone could give us a RECENT cost of the BOM for the build that would be excellent. This is our new project for 2018 and figure we can get it built for 1/1/18 if we start now. We are in Chicago if that helps.


  1. There isn’t an Amazon shopping list link.
    You’ll find many items aren’t on Amazon and the availability tends to vary.
  2. Where are you located, this impacts the BOM significantly.
  3. Here are some useful links to answer your questions:
    Version 2.1 Release from OpenAg 9/1/2017
    Bill of Materials question for current PFC v2.0 makers
    Digital Farm Lab in SF build documentation
  4. Not all of the parts are available yet (chiller, lights).
  5. What is your teams technical ability? Depending on your experience it may make more sense to start with the MVP project and then attempt a full V2 Food Computer.
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Component purchase to build the PFC

Hey Peter
thanks for the answer.

1 I looked at the BOM ss and it “seemed” that most of the parts came from AMZN oops. Sorry.
2 we are located in Chicago so parts should be no problem.
3 thanks for the GREAT list of links will look at them before posting more
4 noted on the parts thing. if we have to make mods based on advice from Northwestern they would be DELIGHTED to usurp MIT :slight_smile:
5 I have 30 years SW dev in real time systems and am LOVING learning python. We live in an area of Chicago jam packed with people who work on construction, AND have a great working relationship with Homedepot.

thanks for your excellent guidance it is a GREAT start for us

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@comicpilsen How is your project coming? My brother lives in Chicago and I’d like to see your V2 PFC when I visit!



Hey Peter
sorry I have NOT started as I am waiting for the chilling unit to become more affordable. As you might know Chicago hits the 90’s in summer and I wanted to grow in an environment that does NOT have air conditioning. Right now I believe the current solution, and I maybe wrong, is a $4000 spin off from a Darpa project. That’s too rich for my blood.
To me the value of the food computer is it’s ability to replicate a growth environment, a form of garden shed in space if you will. So not having an effective cooling gives me pause for thought. Sorry to disappoint you. Enjoy your trip to Chicago.

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I would love to see a good solution to this problem - if you’re interested in contributing I’d appreciate your input. I recently was discussing this here: Recommendations for Water Chiller?

You are correct the V2 has a pretty significant price tag, that being said, there’s a lot going on in there!



Here’s a possibility

pricey but…

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Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Module