Aeroponic System Categorization (flex/vertical/horizontal trays)


Hi Peter - I looked at the link to the microphone detection method which is clever. I definitely tried several of the methods mentioned and also a vapor sensor.

My main method for aeroponics mist sensing now is using a liquid flow sensor (Adafruit sells) that measures volume…averages about 275ml per cycle (accuracy is probably +/- 10%). That is recorded in the datalog…when I run down in the nute Tank or if a connection fails the volume drops significantly below that or quadruples, respectively.

My main hassles are pH probe ground loops and measuring nute reservoir tank volume which I will post about in some detail soon.


Hi seiche
The 1ml/100L is the maximum you`d deliver per misting with AA aero, typically its considerably less. Taking your 12 second 5 minute cycle delivering 300ml as an example, a 1second / 25 second cycle would put the same 300ml of liquid into the chamber in 5 minutes but in 12x 25ml increments instead of 1 x 300ml increment.
In an extreme example, you could throw a bucket of nutes into the chamber once a day but it wouldnt create the same aeroponic environment as the bucket of nutes split into thousands of small increments spread out over the whole day. Folks think aeroponics is all about the mist but in reality its all about control which includes everything from droplet size range to coverage :wink:
My quest for ultimate control lead me to build this. The 2 second mist pulse contains less than 1.5ml of liquid in the form of 5-80 micron droplets. The system can handle mist pulses as low as 0.25 seconds, 0.05 second pulse and pause incremental adjustment, adjustable nozzle flowrate and droplet size range (via syphon height and air pressure). adjustable nozzle rotation speed. The nozzle height and mist angle are also adjustable (fullly horizontal to fully vertical fan pattern). The chamber i have this one in now provides root temperature control (within 3 deg F of set point) which the one in vid didnt have :wink: .


Wow - just blew me away…that is amazing and definitely total control!

As far as the rule of thumb, I can understand the concept of the maximum to cover the grow chamber volume. However, it seems like that mist volume and/or cycle should consider root mass volume, e.g. # of plants in the chamber x each plant’s root mass. Maybe volume would be better stated as GC internal used surface area…


It represents the maximum mixture of mist vs chamber volume, the idea is to suspend the roots in a constant aeroponic environment you create and control. To deliver more liquid you would increase the number of cycles by reducing the interval between mistings, you dont want to exceed the 1ml/100L per misting… Heres an idea of the environment created by 0.6ml/100L, 40% below the upper limit.
It doesnt matter if one plant has more root mass than another, they can take what they need from the environment you create and maintain. Large and small rootmasses in a pot of compost is similar, you water to provide the ideal level of moisture,individual rootmases dont count. In aero, the mist environment is effectively the compost, water and everything all rolled into one :slight_smile:


Hi Atom,

Many thanks for your inputs that I think are very valuable. I would like to discuss with you about a project that I’m willing to start here in Switzerland. Would you mind to share with me some specific inputs? Kind regards


Hi Puxi

We are a group based in Switzerland/Zurich/ ETH: Have a look: Meetings in Zurich, Switzerland


Hi Marie-Claire,

Thanks for the mail. I do not have access right now to my openag account.
What is this meeting about?
Could you please send me more specific details?

Kind regards,


@Puxi very interested to hear what you’re planning. Definitely make the connection with @Marie-Claire and we can work together on something.

Also, I found this repo/wiki earlier on Github and just wanted to share it.

It looks like he is in Sweden as well if you’re interested in reaching out. Check out all of these pictures he’s shared of his HPA setup in action.

Choosing appropriate nozzles, pump or other related components for High Pressure Aeroponics

Hi Ivan

We are a group of ppl based in Zurich who are interested in building a food computer. We established the group two months ago & at the moment are looking for a suitable place to build our first prototype. The meeting last week was about what our plans are & how we want to organize us. It looks like we can have space at ETH Zurich. Secondly we are sourcing & ordering the pieces needed.

What are your plans? Did you already build one?

Kind regards,



Hi Again,

Thanks for the info. My plans is to grow herbs with aeroponics (real)
completely indoors and fully automated (sanitation and sterilisation
Are you working with aeroponics? Food computer sounds very general for
me… what’s exactl’y about?

Ivan Sinicco


@puxi My team is working on a HPA system for the $300 Food Computer.

Do you have experience with HPA?

This is a great site for DIY aeroponics, also he’s based in Sweden.

Another commercial company compliments of @andy:


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the infos. Just one point for avoiding further misunderstandings, I’m in Switzerland not Sweden…
I’m a physicist (more precisely a mathematical physicist but have worked ca 30 years with renewable energy sources, mainly photovoltaics (R&D, capital equipment and product development). So, I have a good knowledge about techniques for controlling deposition of droplets sizes (nm to mm sizes) and the “secrets about light and spectrum and controlling such. I do not see to much challenge in delivering droplets at a determined range of values as well as to control them without a too fancy technology behind. Regarding aeroponics: I’m completely new in this business and I’m fully aware on other biological topics too BUT, I’m confident to bring an “out of the box” to this aeroponics field… let’s see what I will be really capable to do… Be sure that I’ll be “listening” well the inputs as well as checking those in parallel. I’m right now building my setup to start my multivariable DOE’s related to the produces that I want to obtain. If and when I obtain something significant, I will be sure share with the group.

Kind regards,



My apologies on the location, I appreciate the clarification.

I’m curious how your DOE’s are progressing - what is your target crop? I just tagged you in another post with a pretty “out of the box” approach we’re thinking about for small systems, perhaps you might want to try the same concept on something larger?


Hi Peter,

no apologies! DoE didn’t started yet because I was in BT for the job that gives me money… Hopefully I’ll start it next week if the latest pieces of hardware arrives in time. There are 98 experiments in parallel , so quite huge in terms of controlling and data acquisition but “manageable”. With this I hope to find the optimum points for this set-up and crops (mainly herbs right now because here in Switzerland they have some plus value for an eventual large production (what I’m looking for). The main goal is to find the right unit size too in order to scale “easily” the all. Thanks for making me aware of the ideas coming around. As mentioned, as soon as I’ve results I’ll share methodology and results if you are interested.
PS: how can I change my profile name? I used Puxi because I didn’t know when I started if this was serious or other… Now I would like to use my real name.

Bests, Ivan


How do you seal all the components to be air tight? I created a fogponic ~5 micron droplet size that is generated in one chamber and is air pumped into a root chamber with the excess condensed water redirected back to the reservoir.

My problem is the fan is so strong even at 4.5v that the fog escapes from every which way.

I need it to be air tight but also easy to open for maintenance and checking on the roots.

Any ideas?


I don’t think you can change your name :frowning: sorry - may have to start a new account?

Can’t wait to see when you get started. You’ll have to share your input on this thread sometime: Aeroponic design guideline roundup.

@cohenoshri not sure - have you tried these threads?: