Agriculture School Proyect


Hello, we are students from Mexico, we need help for our proyect. The topic for our proyect are How to grow a plant with artificial light. Our idea is use the incandesent and flourescent light.
Can you give we your opinion for the proyect? please.
Students of eight grade from Monterrey N.L.


From what I have read, incandescent lighting isn’t a very good option. The main reason is that it’s very energy inefficient and it generates a lot of heat, which you would have to remove from your system.

The three options used for plant ilumination are LEDs, flourescent lights and HID lights (mainly high-pressure sodium).

From an efficiency and light quality (wave length distribution) perspective, LEDs would be the best choice. But their initial costs are still higher than the other two.

Between the other two, I can’t tell exactly which one is better, but I know a few things:
HIDs generate more heat than flourescent, so the distance between the lamps and the plants has to be greater. I think their light specter is a little better for the plants, but I’m not 100% sure.
In Japan, before LEDs started to get more viable, they used mainly flourescent lamps.


@AlfaFundacion2A Use fluorescent lamps or High Pressure Sodium lamps, As the red light emitted from incandescent lamps may cause the seedlings to ‘stretch’. Stretch is a problem primarily in indoor grows because it greatly reduces yield. Make sure the heat generated by the lamps must be dissipated from the grow area in order to maintain the temperature are the plants.


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