Air temperature issue


Is anyone else finding it hard to get the temperature of the growing chamber under 25c when the lights are on? The ambient air right now is 20.8c and with the vent fan and lights on, it can only get down to about 25.2. Lettuce isn’t as happy at these temps as it would be at around 22c. What are people doing to combat this? Cooling the air before it gets drawn in? Higher CFM fan?


Currently this is one of the main drawbacks of the FC version 1.0- The internal environment can be boosted “up” in many ways, but unfortunatley can’t be adjusted back down too much. The C02 can be boosted with a CO2 bioreaector, the heater can increase the temperature, and the humidifier can keep the amount of moisture high, but to lower it you are relying on venting back in ambient levels from outside the FC. If you have a cool house you might be able to get there, however there currently is not a ‘powered’ way to get there. In the Food Computer 2.0, there will be a small refrigeration unit in addition to the heater, which will be great for cool crops.


Thank you James for a good answer!


Hello ToeSmack,
Have you considered building a small swamp cooler? For the small cubic feet of air in the food computer, you don’t need much CFM. A small 3 to 4 inch inline duct fan should give you plenty of CFM, as well as be very easy to adapt. I can help you design it if you need help.

There is another way you can minimize the heat from the lights, but it would require a modification to the food computer growing chamber. By separating the lights from the plants with a double or triple pain glass window you can insulate the plants from the heat of the lights while still allowing the light to go through the glass. Just make sure to vent the light side with fans or the heat will build up in the light chamber.


Hi. First: I moved this topic to the category ‘hardware’. I was in doubt but I think it makes most sence there…
Furthermore: Yes I have the same issue with the air temperature. I don’t even see why there was a heater in the BOM as I don’t see any circumstance that this will actually be needed. Cooling down can indeed be done with the VENT fan. But what about the temperature of the water ??
Mine gets op to 25-26 °C (77 F). According to some documentation I read this could have a very negative effect.
Any ideas about this ? Will the refrigerator cool down the water as well ?
Meanwile I ordered a Peltier water cooler. I adds to the energy bill but I guess the water needs to be cooled. I will inform you on its effect when it arrives…