AM2315 unstable?


We are having difficulties getting the AM2315 running consistently.

It doesn’t seem related to the ros architecture since we are experiencing the same difficulty standalone with a an arduino sketch, or even simple I2C scanner.

I am wondering if someone in the community experienced the same behavior with this sensor.



I think it’s way more accurate and stable than the EC/pH sensors at least.

Can you describe in more detail what you mean? Will it stop outputting data?
Do you mean the humidity?


The behavior is that it would not start sending data at all, for temp and/or humidity. Debugging directly with an Arduino sketch, we saw it was hanging on the wire.endTransmission(), in the readData function of the driver.

Searching on the web, we came across a few forums where folks suggested to add a delay into the “wake-up” block of the readData of the driver. Other were suggesting a delay between each measure in the loop function. None seemed to have an effect for us.

It auto-magically started working and the rostopic is now returning the data properly. Until the next time… Any idea?


I’ve never had that problem, good thing it started working I guess…?


it is good news to hear that it is not a recurring problem! that helps narrowing down the potential root cause to our sensor itself or our wiring (we are still on breadboard). thank you for the feedback @spaghet


It’s never happened for me.