Amazon Shopping List


I am not sure if this link will work for others, but as I was putting my FC1.0 together I created a shared shopping list.


Worked for me, this is a cool idea! Will you be adding all of the items to the list at some point?


If you see something missing let me know…


I only see 10 items in the shopping list.


did you try modifying the filter to Purchased and Unpurchased?


This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

I also only see 10 items, and only the Unpurchased filter is available for me. None of the other filters are :frowning:


Looks like Amazon doesnt have a way to expose the entire list. Sorry all, thought this would be helpful.


I guess it should be possible, as I can see your other list of 380 items and browse all of them.


Appending ?reveal=all shows both purchased and unpurchased products.


1337 hacks worked, thanks David!