Anyone interested in building a Food Server


Building Food Server.


I still have to finish my pfc but next project will either be a food server or food datacenter. … Not sure yet :relaxed:


I am looking for people interested in building a food server in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area


I have a dream to build a food datacenter in Colorado. Seeking expertise, and capital. Anyone care to send a resume.


I’ve just started building a food computer, but i’m absolute interested in building a food server


Has anyone tried growing vanilla beans?


Hi growphone,

yes I would… and I didn’t build the food computer.
I know is the ground level to start from but I would like to have something to be a small producer rather than having a table top “farm” and I think it could be complex but not impossible.
I know the MIT guys are developing it but I guess they didn’t release any feasible coming out date yet. The only date I’m aware of is November the 15th for the V2.

But there is something in all the food server posted pictures that I can’t explain yet:
It seems the various growing chambers are all open (i.e. they have no doors) and the guys are free to move inside.
if I need to grow 4,5,6,…10 products with very different climate recipes my food server should have separate chambers each equipped with a full set of sensors.
Things then will become complicated to be handled by the hardware of V1/2??

Am I wrong?


Hey, just wanted to point you guys in the direction of a thread I have trying to start putting together documentation on Food Servers.


I have A Mobile Server

Grow Mobile - Portable Farm
1000 of plant sites in 8X16 CLEAR TRAILER