Anyone looked into using home computer cooling approaches?


Morning chaps.
a nippy day here in sunny Chicago and so talking about losing heat is difficult :slight_smile: right now our simple kratky approach is flourishing, too much as a matter of fact giving the damn things away to local coffee shop, BUT in summer ( I refuse to turn on the ac) we take a hammering ( yes I know there are lettuce that grow in high temps, I LIKE Romaine ok :-)). I thought it would be fun to look into whether the data center guys could help and yep they are all over it but that’s industrial, I’m looking at a home unit which addresses just the growth area of a single plant ( we grow our lettuce in old milk containers shrouded in black bin liners to arrest algae growth) using the water cooling systems the overclockers use, anyone tried this yet? My thoughts are that the area needed to grow two lettuce is about the same as a standard ( vestigial) desktop case. I was considering using an old one. shoving an LED light strip in there and using the existing water cooling system from an old over clocking project I have someplace to dump the heat. SO the plants grow inside the case. I want to use the case because all the data points from the hobbyists are in that surface area range. If I shroud the desktop case in some old spray foam insulation I have this might protect it from the room temp changes so I am only messing with what I need to mess with. If anyone has tried this let me know, I understand the difficulties, remember this isn’t for production levels just an apartment approach, but I thought I’d give it a shot for giggles.