Aquaponic/MVP System


Hey all,

I’m building a hybrid of $300 MVP System and an aquaponics system for a engineering/research class. I’ll be updating this forum with pictures and a parts list soon. My plan is to use White Cloud Mountain minnows in a 10 gallon aquarium and grow lettuce. Total price right now is still around $300 because of recycled parts.

Here is a primitive model of the concept.

Current Bill of Materials

Any questions or suggestions would be appreciated! I will post assembly pictures shortly!



Out of curiosity, why this breed?

Good luck with the build!



Hi Mike, Great Job! Your in line with the way I’ve been heading.

Check out my company PermaCyclers, Ive got my $5k prototype version well on the way. 20 gallon recirculating boxed wetland (patented and pending) growing lettuce, tomatoes, chilli peppers, and geraniums. goldfish, catfish, and procostemus to keep the permacycler tank clean. Been running for about two years and have a team pulled together to do coding based on the stats here. Anyone can call me or email for specifics (, 814-937-9115 east coast).




Hello Mike,

How is your project going? I’m currently raising channel catfish in my aquaponic systems to grow a variety of herbs. Did the minnows end up being a viable stocking option? If so, what was the stocking density that you found worked?