Aretian Agrictural Clusters


Dear Caleb and OpenAg Community!

I wanted to introduce myself - I am a student’s at Harvard’s new Master in Design Engineering program, and the first year topic covered the Food System. My studio partner Ramon and I are interested in sharing our work and learning more about MIT’s Open Agriculture.

Our first year project proposal was to create a network of shared agricultural clusters to help small and mid-scale farmers to access the market and earn a greater share of their profits.The clusters would act as food processing and distribution facilities with the mission in increase quality, and give a regional identity/branding to the products. In addition, by establishing long term contracts with large institutions such as Universities and Hospitals, we could build long term purchasing contracts, and give local farmers greater financial security.

The project is still developing, and as we move forward with our advisors, we are interested in incorporating new technology into our platform, therefore it would be our pleasure to meet with a team at the Media Lab in the coming week to learn more about MIT’s Open Agricultural Initiative. We believe that there is a great possibility for overlap, and we would like to learn more about your community.

If you are free Friday the 11th, we could drop by the Media Lab during the day.