Assembling air input manifold


@Webb.Peter @TechBrainstorm and anyone else who has a PFC v2

I’m trying to connect the Air Blower to the Ball Valve. It appears that I need the two parts shown in the image below but I am not sure I have found then in the BOM. Could you help me find these parts?



Here’s a pic I have of it all finished.

@ferguman may know more. Any other V2 builders, please speak up!

@adrianlu I will be around the V2 tonight and can take more pics. It’s all wrapped up at that connection point though. Do you have the ball valve and squirrel fan?


I’ll check on this today or tomorrow. I do have access to a Fenome kit. I’ll try to post pics and part numbers.

BTW: The two parts circled in your pic appear to be standard NPT parts.


Thanks @Webb.Peter and @ferguman

I think I found the parts (see the PDF). I just have to find the right size now…

Packing List for PO PFC V2 AIR CIRC.pdf (21.7 KB)


Looks like we have a winner. It’s the smaller of the two.