Bare PCB for V3.0


Trying to order the bare PCB for V3.0.

How many layers should I pick?
Are those the right dimensions?
What kind of Surface Finish should I pick?

Thank you in advance for you help.


I’m also looking to order a PCB. I do know its double sided (2 layers) and the default thickness which I think is 1.6mm should be fine. Those dimensions look right. (It’s a little smaller then 12inX12in) I don’t know which surface finish to pick though. I ordered the components from Digi-Key earlier this week and bunch are not lead-free… So I’m probably not going to worry about it for the PCB.


Hi all, I’d recommend reading this thread before getting a board made (unlike me haha).

If anyones successfully built and assembled any version board, would love to hear about it tho!