Brass parts in Aeroponic systems


Has anyone had any problems using brass components such as pressure relief / regulating valves or compression fittings in their aeroponic system?

I read in one of the posts that brass isn’t good to use with acidic nutrients but at what PH does that become a factor? The stainless steel components I have found are significantly more expensive than the widely available brass items used in domestic water systems.



If you’re growing food, watch out for brass that has lead in the alloy. See


A little brass or copper isnt a problem but you should always try to use PEX tubing and JG speedfit fittings where you can. If you run drain to waste, the chance of heavy metals building up in the reservoir is zero as the nutrient only runs through once :wink:


Brilliant, thanks very much for the replies. Plan is to drain to waste and use speedfit everywhere I can.