Brooklyn Update: Replicating PFCs


We have been busy in Brooklyn. Lots more coming, but too good not to share:

These are on display at Agtech-X in Williamsburg if anyone wants to check them out!

Special thanks to @Webb.Peter and @iancollmceachern

Call for your photos and videos!
$300 Food Computer - MVP

The MVP strikes again!

Thanks, @iancollmceachern, your kit looks great!

Can’t wait to see some plant updates @TechBrainstorm! Nice Aerogarden LED :grin:


Hi @TechBrainstorm,

Wondering how your work with the summer fellow focused on fragrance floral grows is going? If any progress has been made, please post about it. We would love to hear how it’s going!



Hey @openag! We are getting started with that project in early October. After a complete analysis of the PFC2.0 we needed to debug a ton of items on it, and are still working through it (its too complex for its own good).

I actually think we may get that project started project on the new MVP, as its a more manageable platform for us at this time.

Happy to discuss further