Building a Food Computer for University Use


Hello all,

I’ve been following the food computer for quite some time, and now as a freshman in college can finally get funded to build one. My university is interested in having a food computer for bio research, and I am currently making specific plans for building one. However, I have a few questions about the project.

I personally think that for university research, it might be good to look into make a PFC, but bigger. I’m not sure if I should do this or just look into building a food server. Can anyone think of the specific pros/ cons of building either one?

Secondly, because this will be continually used for university research, does it make sense to build something now or wait until a kit comes out?

I know there’s probably no right or wrong answers to either of these questions, but if anyone has input it would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @ccthefarmer,
I am also in the early steps of making this huge at Universities in Ontario, Canada! Super passionate about food and tech & I attempted to make this a company last year. Lessons learned, the capital costs are too high without tangible progress.

I had always questioned about making it a school club & that’s what we have achieved this year. For us, the PF3.0 is a little too “underwhelming” to university students and researchers; however it is a great foundation for learning and amazingly affordable! We don’t have a huge budget, but we are taking my business’s principles to make a sustainable fundraiser for more equipment.

I have added a new document I am bringing to the world based on the business model canvas! It’s provides a vision for the club & a snapshot of our goals/metrics (plus how we plan to get there). Fee free to take some points from it & offer any feedback since we are new. We are in London, ON at University of Western Ontario, Engineering.

Josh Reding, Integrated Engineering & HBA Candidate.

UWO AgTech Strategy One Pager.pdf (289.9 KB)