Building a PFC in NE London UK


My name is Jackie. I live in London UK and I’m interested in building a PFC. I’m not an engineer or IT specialist, just a food enthusiast. Is there anybody out there who would join me?
Fingers crossed


Hi Jackie,

We are 3 students from Royal College of Art & Imperial College in London. We’ve built a PFC 1.1 and currently investigate the opportunities and flaws of the system.
Alex is an architect, myself (Johannes) a user experience designer and Mikhail an industrial designer.
One of goals is: making the whole system more accessible (e.g. making the construction and setup process easier).

We would love to meet you and other food enthusiasts/ hackers around London. Please let us now if you’re interested in having a Food Computer meeting.

Johannes, Alex, Mik


Hi Johannes
So sorry for not replying earlier. Thank you for the message. It’s vey exciting and I would love to meet up with you and see the PCF and discuss it with you.
I’m in Switzerland until the 4 March – my mother’s been taken ill and that’s why I haven’t been in London and haven’t replied. She’s better now.

I hope you’re still interested in a Food Computer Meeting. I should be working between 11 and 4:30 most days from 6th March.
Best regards


Hi guys,

I am a design student live in London. I really interested in developing PFC and I would love to join Food Computer meeting. It would be wonderful if you guys planning to meet up soon.

All the Best


Hey Ann,

Nice to meet another London based P.F.C. enthusiast. We had a meeting today at the Royal College of Art. But would love to organise a second one soon. Let us know when you’re available.



Hi, @johannes @jackiego @Ann , it is so good to find some people in the UK to build a PFC. I am currently in China, having the opportunity to purchase some components. I might come back to London at May, it will be good to see your guys in London. Let me know there is a recent meeting on this.


Mik, Alex and me are in Beijing now. Are you here, too?


that is great, i am now in wuhan, a big city in the eastesn china. i will
go to suzhou and shenzhen in this month, in shenzhen i will go to
huaqiangbei(an electeoincs hub) to find the electronics…what is your plan
in china… maybe we could catch at somewhere and show u around if the timing
is good.

this is my temperatory mobile number 13177861303

best rgds


Hi Guys, I’m curious if there is an operational food computer around in London?


I actually watched this TED talk yesterday:

I haven’t been able to find any more information about the work her lab is doing, it all seems to be very fresh!

Here are some other #nerdfarmers I know of working in London (not sure if any have a finished PFC):

V2 Food Computer Kit Build