Building a room sized food computer


Hey nerdfarmers, is anyone interested in building a room sized food computer?

Currently, our approach is to take the basic idea of a food computer and make it more modular. If anyone has started similar work it would be good to hear!


This is supposedly the Food Server. The MIT guys have built some of them, but there isn’t any documentation available.
I think there are other people here with this intention, but so far I don’t think anyone has started it.


Good to know, thanks!


I’d like to build a food server (aka a room sized farm unit) also. My buddy and I are still finishing up our FC. Right now we are trying to install the new FC software and also we are trying to figure out how to cool the FC. We grew some crops in it this spring but as things started warming up in the St. Louis summer the water and air in the FC started getting way to hot to grow lettuce. We purchased a water chiller and are getting ready to put the FC back in operation. IF we can get the FC back up and producing then we will be moving on to a room size unit that i want to put in my garage.


I too am located in St. Louis. I want to build not only a FC, but a larger scale server as well. Apartment living has constricted me to growing only a handful of plants, but what I’ve done so far I absolutely love.

Let me know if you would be willing to collaborate.

Additionally, do you or anyone else reading this, find or know where to obtain access to documentation on building these larger scale systems.

Thank You,
Peter Webb.


Hey Peter, at this point in time I think the only plans available are for the FC 1.0 (with FC 1.1 in the works)


I’m aware that is all that has been published to this wiki. However, if there really are dozens of “Food Servers” in use as indicated by the maps/publicity this has gotten, then surely there must be some sort of plans that have been made even if they are not polished and publicly available. I am just looking for reference points and somewhere to start is all.