Building FC in Brno, Czech Republic


Hi growers,
I’ve started to build my food computer in Brno, Czechia
Because Amazon here is not a good place to buy thing, I ordered a lot of stuff from China on AliExpress
(my BOM )

Current state of project:
Case is ready, I’m working on chiller - based on peltier modules and wiring up electronics. Because I use slightly different sensors, it’s necessary to update drivers.

Photo of current state:


I didn’t make update for a while. I already grow plants in my chamber for a while, but it is still not finished. For now plants sit in soil (but airponics)
For controller I use custom board based on ESP32 MCU, software written from scratch.

Cooling use peltier modules.
Lighting built with CREE LEDs - (6x3000k white + 2*660nm) *4 groups.
Leds use same water cooling as hot-side of Peltier chiller.