Building FC2.0 in Mumbai India


Hi All,

I started building FC two months back and unfortunately was not able to document the last two months due to tight schedules. Here is the first post and i will be posting updates as find time.

Part sourcing has been the major challenge we have faced, Its extremely difficult to find parts here in India and ordering from US is twice as costly and time taking so we had to hack a lot in sourcing. We spent a lot of time in exploring local market (Lamington Road, Mumbai) for parts and it paid off, literally. We got the price down for some parts (Air pump, Doser pump, Fans, Heating Unit, Submersible pump, Wires, Connectors, Relay, Valves). These costed us less than 200$ when sourced through local market.

For frame we decided to go with building our own using steel frames, getting the one from BOM was costing way too much and also it takes two weeks to ship to India and if it gets stuck in customs its a painful process to get it out and costs money.

It is not as neat as the original one but shall work for now.



Hey naveen,
I’m thinking of building a PFC2.0 for my self in Sri lanka, I’m a complete newbie to this but i figured you and i would have similar experience building them because we won’t be able to bring down the parts.

Could you tell me where to start ?

In total how much did you spend on your build ?


IMO You should start with the brain module, most of the parts will be available except signal board which you will have to order from OpenAg supply. For sensors try getting exact same item from srilanka amazon or order directly from the links in the BOM. You will then figure out from there how to source parts. Google is your best friend.

I spent around 1200$ but there are some components which are excluded(LED & Cooling unit).


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Build diary update - Sourcing Parts

It is the most time taking task, also frustrating. We have been trying to follow the specs as closely as possible for the electronics component. Right now we are unable to move forward because of signal board. We have got about 70% of the components required for signal board but a few are still missing.I hope we will be able to finish by next week. Ordering sensors was easy and they were available through ebay, aliexpress from HongKong/China. For pumps, fans, connectors, wires, LED heating unit and cooling unit we sourced from local electronics market in Mumbai. They don’t have exact parts but on some search we were able to find close enough alternatives. We got those parts for very less as compared to price in the BOM.

These are most of the parts we have, some of them are at Makers Asylum, makes space where we do laser cutting, welding, machining and other heavy duty work.

Closer Look on electronics and sensors

Power Supply, pumps, fans, wires, connectors etc.

In next post i will update on signal board, acrylic cutting and modifying the design of PFC 2.0 according to the components and frame.


@nav @physiz Thanks a lot for providing such detailed view about the machinery and parts.
Eagerly waiting for your next updates.
I am following Food computer thing for last couple of months and really tired of gathering all resources.

It would be great if you could point out the alternatives of parts present in BOM but not present in India.
I am based out of Pune, Maharashtra. Hence it would be great if we can meet sometime as per availability so that I can see your food computer and get inspired again. :wink:



@nav @physiz I would like to get in touch with you , my email is
Please do drop me an email as I am not sure how to DM you.



Signal Board - So far this has been most difficult part to build/assemble. I ordered PCB through openAg supply and components online(element14, mouser) and from local electronics market. Total cost was around 200$. Finally its almost done.


hello am from kerala. Could you please post me the links to the parts you have bought for the signal board. It would be a great help.
9447766817 - whatsapp


OpenAg_Signals_BOM.pdf (119.4 KB)

This is the Signal Board BOM i used, you can also extract it with Eagle software.


Thank a Lott for the quick reply.


Dear Naveen,

I am Utsav from Mumbai, I am currently building an indoor farming unit found out about OpenAg, better yet, found out other enthusiasts in Mumbai/India. I hope your are making good progress. As I see through this post, alternatives need to be thought for Indian context. Would you like to connect? May be we could collaborate. Drop me a mail on

Looking forward!

Warm regards,


Hi nav
we are trying to build the same system at delhi. can u help us start.

Also what is the progress of urs. please share updates.


I will tag him so hope-fully he sees (I think he changed accounts).

@nav @physiz


Hey @rubalchib, we have paused building FC2.0 for sometime, we hit some roadblocks and our commercial projects took off around same time so we are unable to find time to work on FC. We have completed about 70% of it and hope to resume again after March. Will be posting updates then.

can u help us start.

I wish i could apart from whatever i have shared in this post. Figure out signal board, rpi, arduino and software. Rest of the stuff will be easy if you understand how those components work.


The work has initiated in Kerala as well.


please do share the BOM u used and where u ordered from in india and abroad.
Thanks in advance.
Also the parts u have extra.

also If u are interested in selling it. please do tell me.


I am in Gurgaon and planning a large setup (1000 sqmt facility) for the same, lets connect and see if we wish to collaborate.