Building my MPFC [Long-term update]


MINI Personal Food Computer


Hey all.First of all, please forgive my English. Because i wrote this article with Google Translate.
If you do not understand, please leave a message.As a lodging student, I can only update on weekends.
Since i had seen the TED video about the PFC.I want to build one .

I have found a lot of information about hydroponics and sensors.

Although I still do not understand PFC, but I decided to make my understanding of a mini PFC.

I am a student, having not too much money to buy Raspberry Pi 3. I intend to use STM32 as the master chip.
(Maybe later I will start learning Raspberry Pi and use it to make the project.)

Experiment in the tomato seedlings


Handmade red and blue led lights

When I finished, I decided to buy the finished product:joy:


##I’ m going to use a plastic box as a container. Bought some water training equipment, including colonization baskets, sponges, pea seeds, nutrient solution.


Water pump, control panel, temperature and humidity sensors, light intensity sensor




testing the sensor!

.temperature and humidity sensors, light intensity sensor