Buying Food Computers


Hey guys,
I know this goes against the values of the OpenAg Initiative, but I came across a unique opportunity to use the Food Computer to do good in my community. More specifically, a certain region in my country is facing a serious food crisis to the point of the average person having to live off of about $13 000 USD annually and a head of cabbage costing $30, with most other food items being similarly expensive. I think the food computer could be used to solve this crisis and I am willing to put in the time and effort to do it, but I need to find a place where I can buy Food Computers either fully built or in kits that can be easily assembled. Does anyone provide these? If not, does anyone know of similar technologies that I could buy and use to solve this problem? I know this goes against OpenAg’s values, but I am very passionate about this and want to see this amazing technology put to use to do good in the community. Any and all help is appreciated.


Hey Bill,
How do you plan on using the food computer to solve the problem? Do you intend on distributing Food Computers to the population to get them more involved in the process and increase the availability of food or do you plan on growing larger quantities of food and selling it to retailers? If it is the former, I would recommend waiting until the startup begins selling kits; if it is the latter, I would recommend you either look to purchase a food server/datacenter if this is possible or seek other technologies. For example, Freight Farms, CropBox and Growtainer all sell similar technologies built in shipping containers, capable of up to eight crop rotations annually and stackable up to five containers high. If you can’t find Food Computers to buy, you may want to look into these technologies. That’s my two cents, although I think some of the other members of the community might be able to provide you with better answers. Good luck with your pursuit.


Hey Cole,
Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely be looking into the technologies you suggested, as I am interested in growing larger amounts of food and selling it to local grocery stores in order to reduce the cost of fresh produce. In an ideal world, I would be able to buy (a) food datacenter(s) in order to facilitate this. However, I understand that this isn’t possible given the circumstances. Does anyone else have suggestions as to how I can buy Food Computers either pre-built or in the kits? Do you know when the startup will be launched?