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I noticed on a post that someone who was building a food computer had sourced the food computer’s signal PCB from Has anyone else ordered anything from these guys? Does anyone have an opinion when it comes to various supplies/kit and their prices? I think $30 for the bare PCB seems reasonable however a populated board at $225 seems expensive… maybe they’re build by hand which would also explain the four week lead time for shipping.


I know @ferguman has built one based off of @iancollmceachern’s board who runs


I bought the bare board from and then bought the parts for the board from other supplies (digikey and mouser mostly). It is on my list to add up the costs for the parts but have not done that yet.


Thank you for your question @adam, and your thoughts @Webb.Peter & @ferguman.

You are right @adam, we purchase these boards on demand when we receive an order from our supplier. Our cost per populated board is $150-$175 per PCBA depending on the quantity in which we order. Typically we order in small (1-4) quantities which puts us at the higher end of the cost spectrum. We also pay a small $15 shipping charge per order. We then purchase the through hole components separately, which add up to ~$10-$15 and have their own small shipping cost, add our boxes, packaging, etc. and ship them to our customers. We offer an academic discount for all of our academic customers which discounts our PCBAs to less than our cost at $175.

Open Agriculture Supply started with the need to source PCBs and PCBAs and other components for our own builds. By leveraging the infrastructure I’ve built for my product design consulting consultancy we are able to deliver these components, products and kits to the OpenAg community.

The biggest component cost on these PCBAs is all those connectors around the edge, these parts add up to $20+ alone. On our last order, which was a higher quantity order, our supplier listed the following cost breakdown:
PCB as ~$50
Parts at ~$70
Labor at ~$40

Thank you for the questions, Happy Farming!


PCB for the v3.0


Bare PCB for the V3.0