Caleb's new water cooled 20+ panel light array


Check out what Caleb posted on instagram last week:

This looks pretty intense. I’d love to hear the back story about what this is for. It looks about the right size for Tim’s tree-scale food computer that they’ve been working on at Bates.


This is description on the website:

"The OpenAg™ Tree Computer is a Food Computer built to identify and optimize climatic and nutritional conditions for tree growth and productive yield. This tool can help inform a wide spectrum of in-field horticultural operations, ranging from fruit and nut cultivation to strategies for resisting blight. The data generated by the Tree Computer makes invaluable contributions to crop yield analyses.

Using optics-based machine learning, the Tree Computer modulates photosynthetic intensity and spectral ranges in order to explore plant stress response and the optimal conditions for plant growth. The system is capable of high fidelity reproduction of sunlight through a multi-channeled, dimmable LED and UV lighting array.

Wind velocity, relative humidity, ground and ambient temperatures are also important drivers in vegetative and reproductive growth. With multiple control systems to monitor and modify its internal climate, the Tree Computer is able to replicate growing conditions around the globe, reproducing actual or predicted weather patterns in real time.

Analyzing plant outputs allows identification of the most suitable locations for cultivating a given crop. Through this tool, crop health and productivity can be greatly enhanced."