Caleb's recipe for sweet lettuce


In one of the videos that @Caleb has out there, he talks about the secret to getting sweeter lettuce. I think I remember him saying that something needs to happen in the last week. Was it to deny it water?


From what I’ve read on this topic, the trick is to up the EC/PPM of the nutrient solution before harvest to apply sufficient stress to the plants, concentrating their flavor compounds. This can be done with a wide range of crops to boost their natural flavor, in the case of chili peppers they actually become spicier!


@pchuffer @Tino Highly recomment you watch this video. Dr. Kubota gives a great explanation of how to induce this stress reaction and some insights into her research increasing the BRIX in Cherry Tomatoes through a similar stress method.


This video was excellent Peter thanks for sharing!


Yes, thanks for sharing this!