Call for your photos and videos!


Hi all!
OpenAg is working on a slideshow of community-made food computers and their makers. Please post any videos or photos you have of you and your food computer so that we can show off what you’ve been up to. We are hoping to finish the slideshow on October 10th, so the sooner you can post the better.
Thanks in advance!

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I’m going to assume that you’re aware of this post already if nothing else for those new to the forums it’ll provide some context:

Here’s the MVP promo video:

Here’s an awesome video of the work @melanieshimano is doing:

Digital farm lab Kickstarter video:

St. Louis TechShop

Here’s a post from Dan who has his V2/MVP side-by-side:

There are some others working on V2’s as well, not sure if they have finished their builds (updates would be great anyway): @nav @sllo



Here are pictures from an open house we had here in St. Louis:

@Marie-Claire Do you happen to have any pics of your meetup in Zurich?

@adrianlu Can we can some in-process pics or old ones of the V1/Urban AgTech Meetups?

Ashley - our intern this summer’s MVP at school:

Brian has a pic of his here:

Ians pics are here (this thread has tons of pics of systems the community has designed):

I’ll tag other users on the main MVP thread and ask them to post pics, it won’t let me tag more than 10 people here (haha).

Psyched to see the finished product!

$300 Food Computer - MVP

+1 Peter’s reference of The Digital Farm Lab’s Kickstarter. Our FC v2.0 build is in process, won’t have it done by 10/10.

Here’s some media of Rose


You are in a remote area, in a city or inside your office . Can you see what can been ?Always safe ?

I can touch your project because my bose give me something to do?! I build a smaller version to let my bose to see my progress.


I use my old school skills to study the new world that the OpenAG PFC going to show me.

This project let young people to learn some new skills. Let the skillful people use their experience to improve the process even they are living in the differece sides of the world. Make it short, I love the project it give me a difference viewpoints that someone already seeing. You and Me are not alone. We are one.


Here are some pictures from my PFC along with the voice UI on Echo Show that I built!




This is my research MVP, currently running 3 Raspberries, 4 cameras and about 8 sensors. The first picture is some ‘Canny’ edge detection of an image; part of my playing around with computer vision.



here is my room size food computer. first pic is PLC, sec pic is HMI, then pic of inside grow room

Where are you building your Food Computer?

Thanks, @Webb.Peter !

Here are some more pictures from my Food Computer Program in Baltimore, MD (high school juniors at Green Street Academy and 6-10 year-old summer camp at Greenmount West Community Center) .

Here’s a video about what I’m looking to accomplish with students in Baltimore:

And here’s a time lapse video that my students made with a Raspberry Pi Camera this past spring:



Hi @sllo,

Where are you based?



Dear, @openag
HK , trees down a month ago. by Typhoon Hato.


There are some & I asked for. I will upload them ASAP.


Sorry for the delay! Seeds are currently germinating.


$300 Food Computer - MVP