Can anybody guide me in aeroponic method of farming rice and potato? What all stuff would I need to know, or do?


I have a bachelor’s level of knowledge about process control and automation, and I intend to build an automated farm to make rice and potato, the most commonly eaten food around the world. I’d just need to get a guideline of how to proceed, and some data sets, if you kindly can :slight_smile:


Rice is a tough one. Google tried for a while and eventually abandoned the project. From Google X:

1 in 9 people on the planet suffer from undernourishment so the need for a moonshot is clear. Vertical farming uses 10 times less water and 100 times less land than conventional methods, and you can grow food close to where it’s consumed, so you don’t have to transport it long distances.

We made progress on many of the issues like automated harvesting and efficient lighting but in the end we couldn’t get staple crops like grains and rice to grow this way, so we killed the project. If someone comes up with a dwarf species of rice, let us know — because that might crack the puzzle!

This does not mean we should stop trying, of course. Best luck!


Ah damn. Was thinking of making this my final year project.
Do you know what were the reasons staple crops didn’t grow this way? The other crops grow just fine. I mean, what are the shortcomings, which can be overcome in any manner?


Look up Raymond Wheelers work with potatoes for NASA


Was exploring same extact topic recently. Let me know if you come across something interesting!


Till now, not much luck really. However in a slightly different note, i find it highly interesting that such a lucrative research is not being so widely conducted. I found literally no papers on aeroponic culture of rice, and less than a handful on potatoes.
I feel that it surely is being conducted, but in extreme secrecy.