Can I help OpenAg without building a PFC?


Hi there,

I’ve been checking out OpenAg for the past year but I have never attempted to build a PFC. Is there any way I could contribute to the “Open Phenome Project” or “Computer Vision and Machine Learning” aspects of OpenAg without building my own PFC. I love data & analytics, and I’ve always been curious about ML, so I’d love to get involved.

Any help in regards to where I can get started would be appreciated.

Kind Regards, Paul


Hiya Paul,

We’re an organic group. I, for example, just self-promoted myself to “official question answerer.” Sadly, none of us get paid so I didn’t get a raise. :smiley:

You can absolutely get involved. It’s easier if you have a machine to poke at but there are a number of projects that can be done on a Pi and Arduino duo with LEDs for actuators for example.

And there is a whole group of folks doing cool data science like this.

My suggestion would be to peruse the forum (here) and wiki (toc) to understand all that is moving and find or make a project that contributes. There are a ton of people excited about this project so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had folks in your town that you could collaborate with as well. There are many posts in the forum from people looking for groups.

Hope that helps!


Do you like reading papers? I’d enjoy seeing a well written survey and summary of what people have already done with using computer vision to study plants. For instance, what tools do people use? What problems do they consider interesting to study and why? What results have been achieved so far? What are some interesting unsolved problems?

Here are a few trails you could follow:

  1. (look for “Autonomous Crop Sensing & Phenotyping For Smart CEA Systems”)


Also, you might like the paper that I just posted about over at: New paper: Machine Vision System for 3D Plant Phenotyping


Hey @wsnook & @juhnke,

So I’m currently in the process of exploring all the links/trails you’ve sent me, which I greatly appreciate. It is not often that I find myself with free time but I will do my best to keep up to date with OpenAg, and maybe one day contribute my findings. Have a good one!

Kind Regards, Paul


I’m not sure if this is the direction you’re looking to go in, but this is the only published dataset that I know of so far by OpenAg.

Here’s an article explaining what exactly that data told them.