Can I help you with anything — cloud based data gathering, analysis, product development?


Hi everybody, I’m new here and was wondering if I could help you with anything? My backgrounds include ecommerce, business, and open source software development.

A couple of things I thought about:

  1. Does anybody need help creating commercial products from the PFC’s?

  2. What about a cloud based data gathering service? I think it’d be helpful for everybody to share their growing data and leverage each other’s experiences.

I’m open to any other thoughts and suggestions. Great project!


Absolutely, here’s the threads talking about this right now.

  1. @drewthomas89 and are I are working on commercializing the: $300 Food Computer if you want to help with documentation we could definitely use it.
  2. PFC Cloud discussion: Cloud platform for openAg

MVP/$300 FC networking work be an opportunity to combine both your desire to contribute to a commerical produce and build a networked community of bots: Networking MVP's to simplify firewall issues

@webbhm is working on the backend development of the software for the $300 Food Computer data gathering service, I know he could use help, feel free and send him a direct message.