Can I really grow any plant anywhere?


I have just initiated my research and studying all the stuffs regarding the PFC. I have a very important question which I feel needs to be out there for others to ponder upon. I am currently residing in India. Suppose I want to produce an american variety of apples or Some other exotic strawberries, I can understand that simulating " climate" by using climate recipe can work…But…how do we get the same seed for the fruit? Like, every seed, every species of plants may react differently to the "climate recipe " I am building. Who will ensure whether my own developed recipe is the best, most effective, optimum growth recipe for the food I am growing? Please answer me this, cuz my teammates and my mentor, who are thinking of going into this project, are facing this same question too! Please help and share ur views.


hello shubham- great question. as our not for profit goal is to grow mulitiple crops anyhwere in the world. while we tend to stay with indigienous plants, the desire to grow "anything/anywhere’ has we are answering this question by building up a lot of individual growth chambers and oddly we learned more growing various strains of mushrooms than plants. the climate recipe is no different than the nutritional recipe for each plant. yes, it will work (has worked for us around the planet) the thing inhibiting us is the cost to build up the sensor network that i woudl love to have for individual plants that can be cost effective and/or scaled into a matrix into a field, greenhouse and/or hydro/aeroponic level. at this writing, it works - does it work to a level where i want it to be? not yet.


i forgot to mention…light recipes are fairly easy, nutrition recipes, fairly easy…controlling environment to an extrememly high level with everyday supplies and equipment - a big puzzle that will keep you occupied for a long time. best to you


Somehow controlling the large scale vertical farm will be a challenge to solve I guess. We have to work on it.