Can not compile code form : Missing links


Dears, I started the build, H/W and S/W base on PFC 2.0 since Apr,2017, buying parts were not so straight forward in my work place . One month passed I just get RPI, arduino mega 2560 and start the S/W .next month I got 16way relay broad, DS1820, a MEGA2560 Muilt IO Shield.Three months passed all sensors come to my hand.

Every thing goes into the right direction.
After months of hardworks (to me), and readings on this forum, seeing other people works and shares. I can at least follow the steps , install with docker, flash a Arduino mega2650 , start the db then reflash the mega2560, insert some item in the “recipe”, :grinning:
I got DS1820, AM2315, PH kit ,16 way relay broad, rpi 3 B, Arduino mega2560, 720P USB cam. just the EC kit can not bring on line with the existing system.
Last week I want to startover again on a 32G tfcard. Want to mark it down on a A4 paper that what I had done to bring up the system, let others can do the same thing in my work place.

:grimacing: I try to install from source, I don’t know where to start the db ,
This week I go back to docker installation :fearful: It goes no where . just can not install.
Both installation form source and docker can not do as before.
Raspberry PI install …thats good.
git clone is OK , “docker” , “source”, “rpi” are fine.
while they go in to “install” , not good any more.:weary: said come dependence not found, missing links.

Is the project not open source anymore?


An emulator can get the same result.


This morning I start over again witht the “jessie” on rpi,
start with docker install it can pass the installation.
DO update the platformio update and platformio upgrade ,unplug and plug-in the mega2560 ,
rosrun openag_brain flash
can give --success-- with Warning: no modules specified for the project
after loading the “default.json” and “personal_food_computer_2.json”

It can not find lib for sensors
something missing on github .


I found most of the solutions below:
I should use install from “source”, “docker” may not work.


I myself still cannot get a load correctly. Especially not from Docker.

Here is current status of test (when they finish they will release 2.1:

This is install process they used:


I had setup one set of sensors (PH,EC,CO2 were $$$$$), two set Raspi+Arduino mega2560 ($$),one set was flash with “source” one set was flash with “docker” (several weeks ago) they were no interchangeable. And I started the installation with several 16GB TF CARD($) ,minimize the backup IMG size.
Yes last week I follow the link to install from “source”
At least I can connect all the sensors correctly.! and I must connect all the sensors to the Arduino to start with .

Looking forward to the release of 2.1
P.S.: Yours work are great . I will be off the project for several weeks. I hope my experience can share with others ,helping newcomers on the forum


The group release 2.1 Great.:kissing_heart:
Just need to do on brain and [NO need to change the UI] ? :thinking:
I will try the 2.1 from a new TF card :grinning: