Can peppers be grown indoors?


Can peppers be grown reliably indoors, like during the winter? Either with soil or hydroponically?


Absolutely. Had great success with Deep Water Culture. I can verify that the lights in the MVP/$300 PFC would work for it as well.

It’s all in the lights! Also, I recommend weekly water changes with fresh nutrient as they mature.



I made this post a long time ago talking about my early days growing peppers in my bedroom :grin::


cool! thanks! good to know!


Ok so it makes sense that lighting is key. But what about heat? Was it just normal room temp? Did the lights heat up? Did you use a heat mat?


Everything I read indicated peppers don’t mind the heat. In the post I linked I showed an Excel file I used to log everything. I ran a pretty constant temperature indoors of 75-80 and never noticed any heat stress. It would help me to know what kind of pepper it is you’re growing. Sweet peppers vary from spicy, and I think that temperature is actually a significant factor when it comes to the degree of heat.

Future goal: grow the worlds hottest pepper in a Food Computer :joy:.


no i was asking if they did well without the heat. like do they need the heat to thrive? will they die without it?

I’m not growing any peppers right now, but i have some chili seeds from Native Seeds SEARCH i still have some seeds for. But mostly probably the Mosco Green Chili. Maybe others in time.

oh, p.s. if you ever happen to run across or happen to breed a hot bell pepper let me know!!


I successfully grow two species of hot pepper - Black pearl and an unknown variety of Capsicum annum. They both don’t need any special treatment and feel great indoors - on a balcony in summer (+35 degrees Celsius in average, but away from direct sunlight) and under led lights during winter (2700 K warm white, 10 W per meter, soon to be increased to 30 W/m).


I’ve been able to grow a few different kinds of hot peppers in my aeroponic greenhouse: sport, cayenne and peter pepper (hotter than habanero). The Peter Pepper was flowering quite nicely (3 peppers from one plant with probably 10 flowers) in December!