Can PFC be implemented in a rural agriculture based country like India?


I am an aspiring Food engineer. How can I apply this concept and implement it in a country like India, which is hugely dependent on conventional farming, not only for food production, but also as a source of income for poor farmers. I understand the aim, which targets Urban farming, but how can we, work in coalition with poor farmers, as food engineers, and generate revenues from this concept, which I feel may not be an immediate solution to feed a massive population. Please dont feel I am negative about this wonderful technology. Its just that wherever I have tried to present this idea, in my college, infront of my professors, they have come up with millions of questions regarding, how as a food and agricultural engineer, I can implement this in a country like ours and how will it benefit a huge population like us. Please know, that i am searching for fundings,as i am still an undergraduate and any form of assistance to convince my investors will save me:) Thank you Open AG team. You are doing a fantastic job!

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@Shubham_Banerji where do you stay in India?



I stay in West Bengal, Kolkata.



We experimented with broccoli. But we failed. We will do it again next year.



There are similar issues here in the US. I believe the answer lies somewhere in dealing with migration from the villages (towns here) to cities. Urban shipping container farms can be operated by former dirt farmers if they are trained. Now you would have food grown literally steps from the table.



After seeing the costs and the condition of our country, i thought it was best not to go for a pfc. I’m trying to simply automate a large space using sensors and control logics, and trying to optimate temperature, humidity, pH, light intensity etc via machine learning algorithm.
Don’t know whether it’s the right way to go, but anything so costly and small as a pfc will definitely not be of any use to our farmers.
I live in Kolkata too, btw :slight_smile:



did you use a food computer ? looking to build one myself