Can we replace the beaglebone with a raspberry pi?


I was wondering if it was possible to replace the beaglebone with a raspberry pi as I have one that is gathering dust. And if it possible, can anyone tell me where I can find some documentation on how to do it?

Thank you all very much


Hi Paul,

I think this depends upon your skill level and available time. I’m working on a software stack for the version 1 and 2 food computers that can be used instead of the MIT s/w. If you are willing to go to this level of effort then the answer is probably yes but you will have to write s/w and develop hardware. I suspect replacing the Beaglebone is a lot of work because in addition to replacing the code running on the CPU you will have to also replace the code running on the two Beaglebone micro-controllers.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Fortunately, ive re-read the software on github especially the readme as I didn’t do that before, and now I’ve got my answer.

Thanks for your answer anyway.