Can you help our new build?


We have recently bought a new prebuildt greenhouse, and we want to implement the sensores, light, humidity etc. in order to understand planth grouth. Inspired by Ted Talks also, want to incororate this into our soon existing greenhouse.
We have seen Caleb Harper Ted Taks several times, and we are convinced that this is the future.
And want to give it a try. My girlfried is very much alternative, and myself is somewhat of a geek realy. Also working with servers and tecknlology. We all want to live in a better world that exists today. We both feel that this is the future.
And we want to implement this into our new green house?

We would love to get in touch to people that can help ?

Oddbjørn Sørvik, and my love, Margit Saga


If you want to hook up sensors, but are not currently wanting to implement actuators (dosing and other controls), I would suggest you look into the MVP as a starting point. It is simple and with a little coding can have other sensors added.

#4 I definitely agree that the MVP is the best starting point. We intended for it to double as an automated greenhouse system. It’s pretty much a temp/humidity sensor that logs and then actuates a fan based upon the temperature and controls photoperiod as well (if you had supplemental lighting).

Perhaps the best place to start is asking what greenhouse did you buy prebuilt? That will give me a better understanding of the scale of your project. Also, is this a hydroponic greenhouse or soil?

Hopefully, we can help. I would be happy to help you and know others who would be interested as well, to work on an “MVP Greenhouse Computer”.


Hi. Thanks for your reply and good advice.
Will start with the MVP, building it with not cardboard, but building it with more durable material.
What about lights for the plants.? I want to build this in, but i can’t find parts discribed here?

I would like this to be å template for further. Anyone know where to get this? A kit?

We have ordrered this green house.,9_m²-127511
Want to start slow, and maybe after we feel confortable with it, move systems into the greenhouse.
Understand of course that that will include upgrades, with heath, lights and everything.
I want to build the MVP so that it can be upgraded V2, and after we have tested and succeded with MVP, take a level up, and incorporate it in our new green house.
It’s going to be complicated.
Thats why we want to start slowly, but the green house will be ready to take it to the next level.
This is extreamly exiting stufff. Can’t wait
Hope you guys can helps us forward?
This is the way going forward, we know it.
And we want to be part of it.
Please, include us.

Oddbjørn Sørvik and Margit Saga


For lights on the MVP we are using GE Bricksticks. I will be posting the final BOM this Sunday with build videos & documentation. The final design uses PVC & mylar to make an enclosure.

The MVP isn’t really intended to be upgraded into a V2, it’s more a way to quickly get started on the process of learning.

The most helpful thing you can do for me to provide you with help would be to post lots of pictures/updates and a list of parts you order/use. That way I can quickly identify areas where you might be able to do something better!


Hi Peter. Things are building up here. And we want to implement the lights that are mentioned in this BOM. But i cannot find anyone supplying it.?
Just now sent an email to GE lightning Global, but i don’t know yet.
Do you know where we can get these part numbers?

We are heading forward building, but want to imcorporate lights and components that have been tested.
But we cannot find where to buy these part numbers?
Do you know where to get it?


We have a plan, with our new greenhouse. It is to have a section of it with a monitored system, and go from there. Addding more sensors etc.
But we want to start slow. So we figure using an existing cheep but functioning comercial bookcase of aluminium, and isolating parts of it, and implementing food computer tecknologi into a section of it first. But the lights systems in V2 is smaller and easier to imcorporate into our shelves.
I see that GE Lightning Global are selling it, but i cant find anywhere to buy it?
Also, the fixture itself. I can make if of course, but if there are somewhere to buy it, it will save time. Not making all the holes with acuracy.
Hope you can help
Oddbjørn Sørvik


Unfortuantely, you can’t get the lights yet according to this post. Also, those GE lights are too low of power.

Sorry, I can’t be of more help. I would suggest you start with the greenhouse and add lighting later as it’s required. You have quite the learning curve ahead of you!


Well, i know. However, why is there partnumbers in the BOM for parts you can’t get?
Thanks anyway.