Chef Looking to learn food computing


Hello. I enjoy growing my own food at home and cooking with it for personal use/dinner parties and sharing with friends. Would love to find collaborators in the NYC area and help grow open agriculture to where food computers are more commonplace in more homes as well as restaurants.


Are you looking to grow food, or do research on food?
I ask because the Food Computer is for experimenting. If you just want to grow food you can do it cheaper and easier than a full blown food computer; though there are many design elements that you may want to incorporate. Also, what do you want to grow? Different plants work better (or worse) with different styles of growing.


Thanks for responding Howard. I am looking to research. I’ve grown herbs and various greens on my balcony as well as tomatoes the last couple years. Doing more of the same along with green beans this spring. I want to see what capabilities the Food Computer has and if I might be able to help push those boundaries in various ways, such as flavor, texture, color of plants or how/if a food computer could be scaled to a green house of sorts.


I think you have found the right community to start.
Let me ping @Webb.Peter to see if he has any contacts in the New York area.
The principles of a Food Computer are the same at any scale, but the technology does not always directly scale (ie air flow in a room is more complex than in a box).


Excellent. Really appreciate you extending the network. My thoughts exactly on the airflow. Though couldn’t that be a part of the plants “recipe” potentially?

Ultimately we’re just talking about a bigger box. I imagine though, that to tend to this bigger box, the human element would have to be more involved, thus potentially throwing off multiple variables.


I live in the nyc area.