Climate & Nutrient solution controller


@MrGadget, just want to check if you made any progress with your cooling experiments?


Feedback on the Peltier water cooler:
I mentioned above I order a peltier cooler in China : See this link
I connected the water circulation pump to the cooler and let the return stream run back into the basin.
The peltier cooler comes with 2 peltier plates, 2 air heat exchangers and 2 mini fans and an aluminium water heat exchanger.
Here are some pictures:

It will have a serious effect on the power consumption though ! I measured 6 amp (12VDC) which makes it over 70 Watts of power consumption. You also need to make sure that the pump is activated when the cooler is ON, it might overheat if not.
I was out of home for a couple of days so I haven’t been able to document any results yet. Will give it a try tomorrow…
To be continued.


@Peperoni, thanks! Can you also provide some guidance on the pump you are using?


Hi Sergey,

I created a new topic on this item: you can find it here:



Hey that’s is a nice setup you have over there. I am trying to make a fogging system controlled by OpenAg, its great to see someone else had the same thought. I am new to this site, but it’s amazing. I saw your post about the Peltier chilling system. Did you think about using the same Peltier to attach a water cooling system to the pi?


He has figured it out you should have passive isolation around your box \ pump and if you do fogponics you should use a thermal isolated box.