Closed source commercial options while we wait for 2.0?


Has anyone purchased a closed source aeroponic system to modify with for OpenAG things?

One of the only ones I could find was this kickstarter from some time ago (but it looks promising):


Hello Epic,
The video is essentially just a sales pitch. Once you know how hydroponic systems work, what makes the 6 different types of hydroponic systems different, and know the needs of the plant, building a custom hydroponic system is extremely easy to do. There are three main reasons people choose to buy a commercially manufacture hydroponic system rather than building one themselves.

  1. Fear of the unknown. They don’t really understand what makes hydroponic systems work, the needs of the plant, and fear they wont be able to build one that works properly.

  2. Time. They simply have more money than time, and would rather spend extra money and save the time they would have spent building a system for other things.

  3. Lack of building skills. Some people are just not comfortable working with their hands and/or don’t even own any tools of any kind because they simply never use them. They fear even if they do understand how hydroponic systems work, they would mess up building one because they have never built anything with their own hands before, and/or are afraid of working with power tools.


I was also thinking about
4. Economy of Scale
Commercial systems may be drastically cheaper to modify rather than building from scratch due to economy of scale.

The food computer BoM is really quite expensive…

So, do you know of any partially built aeroponic systems worth modifying that would still satisfy those four points better than a “from scratch” approach?


Hello Epic,
First I don’t grow anything in a food computer, nor do I have plans to, it’s just not cost effective. Second I have yet to see a commercially built system that was cheaper to buy or modify than a custom built system. Third which 4 points are you referring to, and are you talking about a high pressure or low pressure aeroponic system?


Updating our release of v2.0 - check for new thread released today

*pertaining to this thread. The Food Computer is not about being cost effective to feed yourself, Just like the personal computer was not an affordable device in the 70’s for calculating. None of the table top growing units will ever succeed at this task. The OpenAg community and OpenAg hardware and software platforms are about building a community and resources for hackers/makers/scientists/enthusiasts to put their brain power to work collectively across disciplines to contribute to solving global problems.

Totally agree the BOM is quite expensive but you dont have to build all of it at once, go in stages and add specific components (lights, pumps, sensors actuators, auto dosers) at your own pace and as you feel comfortable - thats why we made it modular :wink: Want to try using the code/basic hardware to hack an ultra affordable personal food computer? I love that idea! Check out our thread from National geographic as a great place to start, then open a new thread and start hacking with the support of others in the community.

Think, Build, Hack, Repeat.



I purchased a Vydrofarm ( for £5000 . It’s an NFT system with 4 layers and 132 plant sites.