Co2 regulator for foodserver


Hi, I am a student at a middle school and my classmates and I are trying to build our own Food Server. We have had a lot of trouble finding a regulator. It would be a great help if someone could reccommend a regulator for a large space (15x5x8 ft) like a food server that is both effective and affordable. I’d say our limit is at about 100$. Thank you very much. Your reply will be appreciated.


Hi Sasha,
I assume that you are looking for a flow control regulator for bottled CO2 ? We have chosen this one for our own project:
but it hasn’t arrived yet. So no comments on quality at this moment.
Hope this helps.
There are many more to be found on Alibaba (aliepress). I guess the best supplier depends on where you are living…


Here is a low-cost regulator:

(You would still need a valve unless you are going to dose it manually)