Collaboration between Polydome and Open Ag? Let's meet!


Dear all,
I introduce myself, I am Gaël Ménard, leaving in the Netherlands and with a group of freelancer we are developping a concept of, we hope, true sustainable agriculture. This concept, Polydome, potentially represents an excellent answer to the Water, Food, and Energy Nexus. Polydome aims to be open source and collaborative.

We saw your website and we are super interested by your activities, I happen to be in Boston from the 14th of march to the 18th of march. I would love to meet with some of the people of the team to discuss our respective projects, exchange and maybe see how we can collaborate together. Would you be interested in a meeting?

Our pitch goes as follow:
Polydome brings together polyculture, aquaponics and hydroponics culture under the same roof, a gigantic greenhouse, powered by renewable energy, watered by rain, maintained and upgraded by people. It is a place where the waste is reused to produced organic food at high yield per surface unit, offering a true sustainable solution adaptable to different environmental conditions, resilient to scarcity of soil, and locally connected to reestablish the direct link between production and consumption.
It is also, and maybe mainly, a pool of innovation which intend to be energy neutral, to interface technical innovation (in water treatment, in energy storage, in waste reduction, among other), engineering (how to make it work) and agriculture (how to make it grow).

This short introduction finds more background on this page:

Hopefuly this topic will find you,
Best regards,
Gaël Ménard