Combining farmbot and PFC electronics


As described under HARDWARE Farmbot++ I want to combine the farmbot with the PFC.
The farmbot uses a Raspberry Pi3, an Arduino Mega and a motor control shield.
I am nit sure but I think the farmbot uses the RAMP1.4 board for the Arduino:

  • Is it possible to combine the control shield board and the signal board of the PFC?
  • Where can I find the schematics of the PFC signal board?
  • If you would design a signal board V2.0 how would it look like?
  • Is there anybody using a beagle bone black or any other SBC instead of the
    raspberry PI?

many thanks,


I can confirm that the V1 kits for FarmBot indeed use this board.

I will answer your other questions in order:

  1. Perhaps, the biggest barrier is that V2 Food Computer uses an Arduino Mega, where FarmBot is using a regular Arduino that fits the RAMPS board.
  2. Check out this thread Signal Board for PFC v.2 which has a good discussion and all the relevant links to suppliers/PCB Design.
  3. Last I heard they were supposed to be releasing the new BOM for a brain_box a few weeks ago. Haven’t had an update in awhile regarding this, but I think they may be using BeagleBone instead.
  4. Yes, see this thread Considering alternatives to the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I will say that I know several projects using a Pi to Arduino configuration, and they are almost all migrating away from it.